Map of the war in Ukraine | Ukraine consolidates positions on the eastern bank of the Oskil River

Ukrainian forces consolidate positions on the eastern bank of the Oskil River in the Kharkov region, despite Russian efforts to contain them, says the Institute for the Study of War, adding that Russian forces continue to attack border areas in the region. of Kharkiv-Belgorod and carry out limited ground assaults north of the city of Kharkiv.

Russian forces suffered devastating losses of personnel and equipment in their fighting for eastern Ukraine and especially during the Ukrainian Kharkov counter-offensive.

The Donetsk region is the only area in Ukraine where Russian forces are still attempting offensives on the ground.

In the south, the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Kherson region is, however, making progress, and Russian forces seem to be trying to slow it down and fall back into defensive positions rather than stop it dead in its tracks or reverse it.

According to the Institute for the Study of War, it is likely that Russian forces are withdrawing deliberately and in a controlled manner in the western region of Kherson.

And that Ukrainian forces are likely to recapture much, if not all, of the western Jerrson region in the coming weeks if they continue to intercept Russian land lines of communication and press their advance.

The Russian authorities deny this and say that the Russian forces repelled the Ukrainian counteroffensive in this area.

Britain’s Defense Ministry said Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure, including a power grid and a dam, had intensified. “Faced with setbacks at the front, Russia has probably expanded the places it is ready to attack in an attempt to directly undermine the morale of the Ukrainian people and government,” he said on Sunday.


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