Manrique found the location of Mabel and Salvador after hacking a device

Manrique (Gonzalo Molina) contacted a hacker and asked him to track Mabel’s location (Daniela Feijoo), his ex-partner who hid from him and the De Souzas for several weeks. The lawyer had no other alternative because he was extorted by her.

If he didn’t give him the money, the situation would get complicated for him and Ramiro Zevallos, since very strong information would come to light and everyone would find out the truth. Ramiro asked him to find Mabel and end her life.

It is for this reason that Manrique had to do the impossible so that Mabel is again in his arms. The specialist is convinced that the baby is his and he will want to take custody of it, since Salvador “is his blood.” Meanwhile, Mabel already has her bags ready to go to Panama with her son and her mother-in-law.

Moonlight is a Peruvian telenovela made by From the Neighborhood Productions for America Televisionunder the production of michelle alexander. The story narrates the love between León (André Silva) and Alma (Vanessa Silva), but due to life circumstances the couple ends their relationship.

In the second season, Bella (Mayella Lloclla) appears, a beautiful woman who will make a great impression on the singer and Luz (Naima Luna) and will give a twist in the story of the protagonists. Don’t miss the chapters from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm


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