MAN presents its eTruck truck and an improved and more economical version of the D26 engine at the IAA

The eTruck battery-electric truck features prominently on the MAN stand at the IAA in Hannover.

The IAA kicks off in Hannover and MAN Truck&Bus presents the novelties it has been working on recently. In zero emissions, its eTruck truck with autonomies between 600 and 800 kilometers that will be produced as standard in 2024; its new advances in autonomous driving; in digitization new services that facilitate the work of drivers and fleet management and in conventional trucks, an improved D26 engine that saves up to 4% consumption or the exclusive Individual Lion equipment available for the TGS range.

MAN Truck&Bus works along three lines to find solutions to current transport challenges: new developments for zero-emission transport; further deepen the digitization that must achieve as its ultimate goal the total integration of the truck in the transport chain and new advances in autonomous driving as a means to achieve greater safety and efficiency.

eTruck battery electric truck with up to 800 kilometers of autonomy

Regarding zero-emission transport, we have already talked about the eTruck, an electric battery-powered truck with a range between 600 and 800 kilometers and soon up to 1,000 kilometers, thanks to its capacity to be charged with megawatts. In 2024 it will begin to provide its services in real working conditions for companies and in the same year it will begin to be produced in series, on the same production line as conventional diesel trucks.

Electric trucks, such as the eTruck, have the added advantage of their low operating costs and that they have behavior and performance equivalent to those of conventional diesel trucks (perfectly prepared for applications such as long-distance refrigerated transport, waste collection or material transport). of construction.

MAN will also present its new MAN Mobility Consulting service at the IAA, which will allow customers to make the transition to electromobility after conducting an in-depth analysis of their needs. It includes advice on the vehicle after analyzing the real conditions of use, which implies an optimization of the fleet, routes and costs. And, in addition, advises on the appropriate charging infrastructure.

Also new is the MAN eReadingCheck service that advises on how to drive 100% electric on delivery routes or the MAN eManager so that the fleet manager can control the state of charge of the batteries of all the trucks at all times.

Finally, MAN Transport Solutions will present its new MAN Solutions application specifically for zero-emission transport.

New advances in digitization

MAN Truck&Bus, as an expert in digitization, never stops proposing new solutions that make the work of drivers and companies easier. Thus, at the IAA it presents MAN Now, which updates the maps and allows functions such as MAN EfficientCruise or specific driving programs for each application to be loaded into the vehicle.

MAN ServiceCare for quick and easy vehicle maintenance or MAN Perform for inline consumption control.

Also new is a digital payment system that will facilitate refueling at service stations and, consequently, allow better control of fuel costs.

autonomous driving

MAN Truck&Bus is committed to autonomous driving and is embarking on different projects that it exhibits at the IAA to show the current state of autonomous driving development: from driving on closed circuits to driving on highways between logistics centers.

Autonomous driving reduces the risk of an accident due to human error; it increases efficiency and flexibility by separating transport processes from driving and resting times for the driver and reduces driving fatigue in applications such as long distance.

The new version of the D26 engine plus the aerodynamic improvements of the cabin result in a 4% decrease in consumption compared to the current engine in applications such as long distance.

New version of the D26 engine

But while progress continues in electromobility, it is necessary to continue investing and innovating in conventional trucks. Now MAN presents at the IAA a new improved version of its D26 engine that reduces consumption by 3%, while the torque increases by 50 Nm and power by 10 CV.

The D26 engine is the engine that MAN customers are looking for for their long-distance, construction or heavy-duty applications.

If you add the new aerodynamics of the cabin and the expeditions that improve the flow of air towards the semi-trailer, long-distance savings can reach 4% compared to the current D26.

The Individual Lion equipment will also be available for the TGS series.

New equipment for the TGS

The TGS range will also be present at the IAA with the exclusive Individual Lion equipment that has won the Red Dos Design Award.

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