Magaly Medina shows off her wedding and asks not to compare it with that of Ethel Pozo: “My husband and I make an effort” Alfredo Zambrano celebrity RMMN | SHOWS

The wedding of Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander continues to be one of the most talked about topics of the week. This Thursday, September 15, He rejected the attempt to compare his marriage to Alfredo Zambrano with that of Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter.

“Some have tried to compare my wedding with Ethel’s wedding in a bad way and that should not be done because it is not right, mine was almost 6 years ago, other things were used and the prices were different, now times have changed . (…) My husband paid for the wedding, I have no problems, he even paid me for my two dresses”began by pointing to the ‘Magpie’.

The show host made this clarification before presenting the report where they recalled all the details of the expensive organization of their wedding with the notary.

The report highlights that Magaly Medina disbursed a large sum of money to celebrate his party with 500 guests, and that just hiring the Ráfaga orchestra cost him the sum of 25 thousand dollars, which differs a lot from Ethel Pozo’s marriage, since Christian Domínguez and Yahaira Plasencia sang at his swap party.

At another time, the reporter also interviewed producer Carlos Luna, who was in charge of organizing the weddings of “Urraca” and also of Ethel Pozo. As she specified, there is no point of comparison between the two celebrations.

I am very aware of what each client asks for and in the process I am going to take great care that no wedding looks like the other. You cannot compare one with another, Magaly depleted the market with all the amount of flowers that we use”, he narrowed down.

After showing off the costly investment of their marriage, Magaly Medina stressed that she and alfredo zambrano They spared no expense, as this would be an unforgettable day for them.

My husband and I make an effort, I believe that each one of us is free, but we think that if we have already achieved what we wanted in our lives and we want to spend the money on what we want, we will do it. Because I am leaving this life well lived, well danced and well drunk”he added.


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