London stabbing | Two policemen stabbed in central London

two policemen from United Kingdom have been injured this Friday after being stabbed by an unidentified man near Leicester Square, located in the center of the country’s capital, London, as confirmed by the authorities, who have ruled out for now that it is an act of terrorism.

The Metropolitan Police have stated that The suspect has been arrested after the use of a taser by an agent and has added that after this he has been hospitalized. The two injured police officers are also admitted to a hospital, without further details on their condition.

“Investigations into the incident are ongoing. The incident is not being treated as related to the terrorism,” he said in a statement on his website, without the possible motives of the attacker, who has not been identified, having been revealed for the time being.

For his part, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has condemned the “totally terrible” attack. “These brave officers were doing their duty and supporting the public at this crucial time for our country,” he said, referring to the death last week of Queen Elizabeth II.

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“My thoughts and prayers are with them, their loved ones and fellow police officers in the aftermath of this ignominious attack. Our Police officers run into danger to protect others and keep us safe, for which we owe them a great debt of gratitude.” “, he argued.

In this regard, Khan has emphasized that “Attacks against the police will not be tolerated and anyone responsible will be arrested and tried.“. “I ask everyone with information to step forward to ensure that the person responsible for this disgusting attack feels the full weight of the law,” he stressed.


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