Lidl has an organizing ladder that will help you optimize space and keep the kitchen in order

Maintaining order at home is a daily struggle. We may tidy up the bathroom or closet and leave it in perfect magazine condition. But after two days, the pace of life and lack of care can ruin that effort.

Therefore, we must get hold of accessories that help us maintain order and that everything is in its place, with ideas like this Lidl organizer to transform doors into storage spacesor this one Ikea bookshelf that fits in any space.

A ladder to optimize the worktop or cabinets

Kitchen Organizer Stairs

To optimize the space in the kitchen, we have found in Lidl is organizing ladder which is perfect for optimizing space and having everything in sight. Thanks to these stairs, you can store and keep utensils, glasses, or jars of spices or food in the kitchen in order.

Lidl Kitchen Organizer Stairs

The stairs are made of plastic, have a non-slip surface to prevent accidents, and measure 37 x 24.5 x 9 cm. they cost €6.99.

kitchen organizer ladders

A ladder to take advantage of the corners

kitchen organizer

In addition to the organizing ladder that we have just seen, Lidl also has another ladder model for sale that is ideal for taking advantage of corners thanks to its corner shape.

The corner shelf has a non-slip surface and ridges on each shelf to prevent cookware from falling off. Its measurements are 30 x 42 x 9 cm, and it has a price of €6.99.

Corner kitchen organizer

Other kitchen organizer shelves that may interest you

kitchen organizer shelf

  • Kitchen organizer shelf. Price on Amazon: €21.88.

Jufuruiling Kitchen Organizer Shelf, Spice Storage Racks, Cabinets, Suitable for Home and Kitchen Storage, White (35 x 21 x 20)

spice ladder

  • Extendable ladder-shaped spice rack with wooden shelves. Price on Amazon: €24.63.

mDesign Wood Shelf Spice Rack for Kitchen Cabinets – 3-Tier Expandable Kitchen Shelf for Use as a Condiment Organizer and Kitchen Tidying – Natural Color

kitchen organizational shelf

  • Kitchen organizer shelf without holes. Price in El Corte Inglés: €16.95.

kitchen organizer shelf

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