Kuo predicts weak sales of the standard iPhone 14 to the benefit of the Pro models

The reserves of iPhone 14 They have already started, and analysts have not been slow to put their predictions on the table. Ming-Chi Kuo has been analyzing the first data and has not hesitated too long to say that the great winner of this launch has been the iPhone 14 Pro.

Much Pro, little Plus

Kuo not only says this, but that is especially pessimistic with the reservations of the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus. the analyst claims that its sales have been “worse than those of the iPhone 13 mini” (estimates gave it only a 5% share compared to the rest of the models), and that there will be plenty of stock in stores due to that. Even the day of its official launch.

Meanwhile, Kuo believes that we are on the way to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max monopolize 45% of the sales quota of the entire range. It does not rule out that from Cupertino they order to increase the production of these models, while at the same time reducing that of the standard and Plus models in November.

This may cause the average selling price of iPhones to rise due to the increase in sales of the Pro models compared to the standard ones, although we cannot be sure if in absolute terms the revenue will increase. Kuo is stating very strong things, I think, at a time when the iPhone 14 they haven’t even been officially released in stores. With only a few days of reserves behind us, it is still early to be clear about the market trend.

Ironically, the store delivery dates for the iPhone 14 Plus are already going to October in Spain while those for the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro are still September 16. Maybe it’s better to wait until the demand for the launch goes down and everything settles down a bit.

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