Kremlin says Ukraine’s security guarantees are ‘a threat’ to Russia’s security


The Kremlin has stated this Wednesday that the security guarantees that Ukraine is demanding as a preliminary step to the search for a negotiated solution to the war pose “a threat” to Russia’s security, which is why it has defended the need to maintain the offensive military against the European country.

“We are talking about a certain document and no one hides that they had it in mind until the moment when Ukraine joins NATO. This means that the reference point for Ukraine’s entry into NATO is still there,” the spokesman said. of the Russian Presidency, Dimitri Peskov, as reported by the Russian news agency Interfax.

Thus, he stressed that this implies that “the main threat to the country is still there” and has argued that “it even acquires one of the reasons that made it necessary to carry out a special military operation”, a term used by Moscow to refer to the invasion triggered on February 24 by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Peskov reiterated that the document presented by kyiv “reiterates the relevance of the urgent need for the special military operation to guarantee the security and national interests (of Russia)”, while pointing out that the security guarantees negotiated in Istanbul are based “on a totally different text”.

“In fact, (the cited text) was initiated, but the Ukrainians refused their obligations and the process was completed.” “Under the current ‘status quo’ and situation, it is difficult for anyone to give Ukraine a greater guarantee of security than the one given by the leadership of this country,” he explained, referring to Ukraine.

“Only this country (Ukraine) should adopt measures that eliminate the threat from Russia. They know perfectly well what these actions should be,” Peskov stressed, after the Ukrainian Presidency published a document with “recommendations” that include that “a group group of allies make clear commitments to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces, while a broader group would provide non-military guarantees based on sanctions mechanisms.

The document calls for kyiv to have “the ability to defend itself against an aggressor,” for which the country “needs the resources to maintain a significant defensive force capable of resisting Russia’s armed and paramilitary forces.”

“This requires a multi-decade effort of sustained investment in Ukraine’s defense industrial base, arms deliveries and intelligence support from allies, intensive training missions and joint exercises under the European Union and NATO flags,” collects, as reported by the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform.

Likewise, it emphasizes that “security guarantees must be affirmative and clearly formulated”, as well as “legally and politically binding on the basis of bilateral agreements”, which would include “preventive measures of a military, financial, infrastructure, technical and of information to prevent further aggression, as well as measures to be taken immediately in the event of a new usurpation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

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