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The gesture captured today by the cameras in Westminster when thehe was annoyed by an inkwell that hindered his signature of the royal document and gave his order, with annoyance, to an assistant to carry out a task that he could have done himself, some well-known OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) of the new monarch recalled, which were coming to light over the years by the mouths of those who served him.

While signing the official documents at the proclamation ceremony, the son of Elizabeth II had a particular gesture towards the attendees who were in the room that quickly went viral on social networks and even became a meme.

Sitting at the desk, pen in hand (a gift from his sons William and Harry), Carlos looked at one of the men in the room and waved one of his hands to clear the room so he could move forward with the signing, protocol neatly arranged.

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Raised from the cradle with an army of helpers around him, King Carlos III has a few hang-ups in his routines and is not used to menial tasks.

In the documentary “Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm”, the ex-butler of Princess Diana, Paul Burrell, made revelations about the conduct of Carlos: “His pajamas are ironed every morning, as are his shoelaces. The plug in the bathtub has to be in a certain position and the temperature of the water has to be just lukewarm.”

On the other hand, according to this story, to brush his teeth, Carlos does not handle toothpaste. It is his valet who must leave an inch of toothpaste on his brush every morning, minutes before Carlos washes himself..

The Prince of Wales’s royal chef, Darren McGrady, also shared how is the breakfast of the new king.

“The instruction was to put two plums and some juice in the bowl and send it to him for breakfast. He would send him two plums and he would leave one so that it would return to my hands and I would return it to the jar. One morning I thought of putting just one. She sent her to the dining room, she sent for me and asked: ‘Do you have two, please?’ So I had to keep sending him two every morning and he would send me one back.McGrady explained.

Many of these obsessions are known for the particular requests of Carlos when he travels abroad. Prince Charles tours have a number of strange requestsmany of them exotic, and that reflect the personality of the king of England, according to the advance of the new publication of Tina Brown.

In the book, which will come out at the end of the month, the author says that The Prince of Wales sends his bed, furniture and even photos of decorations the day before he leaves for his destination.

When he traveled to Canada this year for one of the official Platinum Jubilee activities, they had to move the orthopedic bed you use, the toilet seat and the Kleenex Velvet toilet paper.


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