Juan de Dios Orozco, an expert in protocol, recounts the “great failure” in the proclamation of Carlos III

Charles III is already the king of England. After the death of his mother, Elizabeth II, the new monarch has been proclaimed this Saturday at 73 years old and had an awkward moment during the strict protocols of the royal family.

During his proclamation, the king had to sign a series of documents. The protocol expert John of God Orozcowho has participated in a La Sexta special about the event, has been in charge of uncovering the “big mistake” that Carlos III has committed in the firm.

First of all, when Carlos has finished his speech, He has gone to sign the documents with the speech papers in hand. He didn’t know what to do with them or where to put them, so he decided give them to his son Guillermo, who has held them when his father has finally sat down for the signing.

Then another of the awkward moments has arrived. The king has asked his assistants to remove some elements from the table that hindered him from signing. In addition, he has made a gesture that could be interpreted as a request to clean the table seeing some dust on it. Then he proceeded to sign. After signing the first document, Carlos III has once again requested, this time with a gesture of greater annoyance, that they remove the box with pens that was on the desk.

a forbidden kiss

But these have not been the only gestures ‘forbidden’ by British protocol. During the arrival of Carlos III at Buckingham Palace last Friday, a woman who was among the crowd asked the new monarch if she could give him a kiss. Carlos agrees and they kiss each other on the cheek, a violation of protocol.

“I couldn’t believe it and I said, ‘can I give you a kiss?’ And he said, ‘Well, yes.’ So I grabbed it and I’m very happy”, explained the protagonist in an interview with CNN. “It would never cross my mind to kiss a king,” she pointed out.

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