Jeep presents its electric 4×4

The new Avenger will be built in Europe and will be fully electric. It will arrive in 2023.

The urban Avenger, which will be manufactured in Europe, the luxurious Wagoneer S or the 4×4 Recon are the new weapons for an increasingly ‘eco’ market

Jeep’s success is indisputable, overwhelming and worthy of business schools. The brand already had great potential at the time when Mercedes owned Chrysler, but it was after the purchase of the Fiat group in 2008 that the then president of the Fiat-Chrysler group, Sergio Marcchione, who died in 2018, saw all the potential that it hid, and provided the necessary investment resources to have a complete range of models and to sell more Wranglers than ever.

Jeep went from being a 4×4 manufacturer with two very successful cars: Wrangler and Grand Cherokee, to having an increasingly complete range. the result? The brand, now part of the Stellantis group, sells more than 1.2 million cars a year, and is the group’s brand that sells the most cars, and with higher average prices than Fiat, Peugeot, Citro├źn, Opel or its own Chrysler, its former parent company.

This introduction serves to explain the electric power that the brand has shown, which has announced four new cars for the coming years. The first of these is the Avenger, an urban SUV the size of the Renegade but with a very ‘Grand Cherokee’ design and fully electric mechanics. The new Avenger will hit the market in 2023, to become one of the most desired electric cars in the urban market, as is the case with its ‘brother’ the Renegade today.

The second model is the Recon, a Wrangler-style but fully electric 4×4 that offers all the tricks of its sibling, such as removable doors, all-wheel drive and great off-road capability.

The Recon would arrive at dealerships in 2025, and will coexist with the Wrangler, which will speed up its gasoline and hybrid versions as much as the market allows and which will have a new generation in the future.

4×4 drive and lots of style for the Recon.

The third model presented is a super luxury SUV, the Wagoneer S. In fact, if it weren’t for the numerous logos, we could very well be looking at a Jaguar or Range Rover product, given its elegance and the purity of its lines. The Wagoneer S arrives to become the most urban and touring luxury electric SUV. The group’s new platform allows autonomies greater than 600 kilometers, so this Jeep could be a sales success for the brand. As in the previous cases, the Wagoneer S will complement the recently launched Wagonner range with which it only shares the man, since the rest of the car is totally new.

Jeep has not wanted to reveal the fourth model of this new electric range, but it is clear that there is a budget for engineering and development so that Jeep continues to be the ‘pretty girl’ of the Stellantis group: the best-selling brand, with high prices and with a large public demand.

2025 is the expected year for this large electric SUV.


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