IVECO launches the new eDaily and the Nikola Tre electric truck and a hydrogen prototype of the Daily in collaboration with Hyundai

IVECO launches the eDaily at the IAA in Hannover.

IVECO’s stand in Hannover is a complete display of the Italian manufacturer’s zero-emission solutions. At the IAA it launches the new eDaily and the Nikola Tre electric truck for the European market. In addition, it has the prototypes of the hydrogen truck also made in collaboration with Nikola and a fuel cell Daily developed with Hyundai. Special editions of the Daily and the S-Way are also present in this new edition of the IAA.

IVECO has the goal of achieving carbon neutral emissions by 2040 and to achieve this it is immersed in a multi-energy approach: from biomethane to fuel cell, passing through electric battery. It is about being able to cover all transport needs, light, medium and heavy.

At the IAA it presents three novelties: the new eDaily; the electric truck resulting from the joint venture with Nikola, the Tre BEV 4×2 Artic developed for the European market, and two hydrogen prototypes, the Nikola Tre 6×2 Artic FCEV and the eDaily FECV, created in collaboration with Hyundai.

New eDaily

The new eDaily is available in the entire range of bodies, van, minibus or cabin, with a load capacity of 3.5 to 7.2 tons. The modular battery pack has a capacity of 37 kWh.

IVECO has developed a system of digital services to help customers make the transition to battery electric vehicles: with the app eDaily Routing knows a prediction of the autonomy of the battery charge to reach the destination and the arrival time; the application IVECO On Easy Dailyintegrated into the driver’s voice assistant IVECO Driver Pal provides specific information such as vehicle status check, battery charge level, remote charge scheduling, etc.

Nikola Tre 4×2 Artic.

Nikola Tre 4×2 Artic electric truck

The order book for the electric truck in its European version has already been opened as a result of the joint venture with Nikola, the Tre 4×2 Artic, developed from the S-Way platform. It features an electric axle, e-Axle, designed by FPT and powered by Nikola. It uses the same platform as the fuel cell version.

It has a pack of nine batteries with up to 738 kWh of power, which provides 500 kilometers of autonomy. The battery charge goes from 10 to 90% in 162 minutes with a 175 kWh charger. Other chargers with powers of up to 350 kWh will be available later this year.

fuel cell

With Hyundai, IVECO has developed a fuel cell prototype, the eDaily FCEV. It uses Hyundai’s 90 kW fuel cell system, a 140 kW electric motor and a battery pack from FPT Industrial. It reaches a gross weight of 7.2 tons. It has already been tested in Europe and has tested up to 350 kilometers of autonomy with a payload of three tons. It takes 15 minutes to refuel.

For heavy transport, IVECO has the Nikola Tre 6×2 FCEV Artic prototype in a European version that is manufactured in Ulm (Germany) and has up to 800 kilometers of autonomy. It has a new steering axis and a new cabin with improved aerodynamics. The hydrogen tank has a useful capacity of 70 kg. Refueling takes less than twenty minutes. In 2024 it will be available on the European market.

The IVECO Turbostar special edition.

IVECO S-Way and Daily special editions

At the IAA you can see the special Turbostar edition of the IVECO S-Way, which is a tribute to the most iconic trucks of the Italian manufacturer.

Other special editions present at the IAA are the Daily Leoncino, which is a vintage interpretation of the new eDaily, and the Daily Tigrotto in a 4×4 variant. Both are inspired by two legendary IVECO vehicles that were marketed under the same name.

IVECO eDaily Leoncino.
IVECO Tigrotto.

IVECO Services

IVECO launches a new platform that integrates all the brand’s services: IVECO Services. It is an ecosystem of support for customers to cover their business and operational needs. They are organized into nine groups which facilitates identification, depending on their needs, by customers.

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