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is once again in the eye of the storm after being accused of mistreating and delaying paying a designer from Trujillo for the dress she made for her to attend a wedding.

Sandra Hernández, designer of Candice Atelier, told the “Love and Fire” program that the model contacted her to ask her to make her a dress in a week. She also asked him to buy her some boots and lend her a purse for the event.

As he commented, he charged her half price for the dress because she promised to make him a promotion on social networks, however, when wearing the garment, he never labeled it.

The designer also pointed out that the wife of soccer player Beto Da Silva not only was he late in paying her for the dress, but he was also late in paying her the money she spent on the shoes.

Sandra also showed WhatsApp conversations in which she asks Ivana Yturbe repeatedly that he returns the bag he lent him and the model responds angrily. “Let it be the last time you talk to me, please, now I’ll pay you the 125 solsitos”Yturbe replied.

Finished dress at S / 2:

After being exposed by Sandra Hernández, Ivana Yturbe He made the radical decision to finish off the dress that he made for her in his “closet sale” for two soles, which sparked the indignation of many users who described the fact as a humiliation towards the designer from Trujillo.

The show program contacted the former reality girl to respond to the complaint, however, the model only pointed out that she sold a dress that she paid with her money.

“I only sold, in my closet it comes out, a dress (for which I paid, it was not an exchange) that I used in a marriage in the north and I even went into the sea with it. In the closet sale we have sold many things, also from well-known designers to precise super accessible “answered.


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