“It is clear who is the head of state”

The foreign minister, Jose Manuel Albareshas explained that they are waiting to know all the details of the burial of Isabel IIwho died at the age of 96, to decide who will be the Spanish representation in these acts but that “if, as it seems, the United Kingdom is going to invite the leaders of the countries with which it has a special relationship, Spain will be safe”.

“We don’t know the details yet and it’s not worth speculating. When all the details are decided, we will decide the best representation of Spain“, he assured in an interview on RNE and in ‘La Hora de La 1’, on TVE.

Albares wanted to make it clear that It will be “the Government, together with the Royal House,” that establishes what is “the best representation” of Spain for the funeral and has also recalled that there is a double bond between Spain and the United Kingdom: the direct family relations between the two royal houses and the great Spanish and British colony that live between the two countries.

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Expressly asked if the presence of Juan Carlos I in London could be included in this representation, the Foreign Minister was very direct: “I think it is clear who is the head of state and that these decisions are made jointly by the Government and the Royal House.”

Moreover, despite the family union shared by both royal houses, Albares has insisted that “King Felipe VI also represents those family ties”.

Journalist Charles Herrera has ensured in its program at COPE that John Charles I will not travel to London. Herrera, who has a close friendship with the King Emeritus, has reported that “Felipe VI will attend” the acts for the death of Elizabeth II.

The family tree of these two royal houses shows that both Juan Carlos and Sofía are great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria of England, as is Elizabeth II. In addition, Duke Philip of Edinburgh was the second uncle of the queen emeritus since George I of Greece was her grandfather and Sofia’s great-grandfather.

Juan Carlos also had a direct relationship with Felipe since his grandmother, Queen Victoria Eugenia, was a first cousin of the mother of the Duke of Edinburgh, Alicia of Battenberg.

The Foreign Minister wanted to highlight the great influence that Elizabeth II has had both in the United Kingdom and in the rest of European royal houses assuring that the British queen “has been a person who has been at the side of her citizens at all times, in the most difficult moments”,

“He has been through World War II, the post-war period, decolonisation, entry into the European Union, Brexit… his heart has beat like the heart of British citizens and that is the inspiring role model that has made him become become a key figure for the British people, but also for millions of people around the world,” he added.


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