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If you have ayou probably use as your main browser since it has a great data protection system and is faster when entering different online sites.

However, you may want to remove the safari history so you gain more storage space in your smartphone or remove all traces of the pages you visit.

For this, in SPORT We show you a complete guide of the steps to follow to carry out this effective method from your iPhone with .

So you can delete Safari history from iPhone

  • From your iPhone, go to the Settings app.
  • Next, open the option Safari.
  • Then scroll down the screen and select the book-shaped icon.
  • After this, you will see a list of options appear. Click on the clock icon.
  • Now, head down and select the Delete button.
  • Several alternatives will appear such as: Today, Today and yesterday, The last hour and Always.
  • Choose Always and you will have deleted all Safari history.

You can apply this trick whenever you want to get rid of searched information on your smartphone and select the preferred time interval.

How to share your location from iPhone

  • The first thing you have to do is enter your iPhone and access the Contacts app.
  • Now, open the option Telephone.
  • Next, go to the contact list.
  • Then select the contact you want.
  • In moments, head down.
  • Once done, press on share my location.
  • Finally, you can choose the amount of time you would prefer to share your location and that’s it.

This is how you can prevent Instagram from tracking your location from the iPhone

  • The first thing you should do is enter the main menu of your iPhone and access Setting.
  • After this, open the app Instagram.
  • Once inside, choose the button Location.
  • Among the options, go to the alternative precise locationwhich allows the app to track your location.
  • Now, disable this feature.

From now on, you won’t have to worry about Instagram finding your exact location, but only an approximation of where you are.

How to post Instagram stories longer than 15 seconds

  • From your smartphone, open the instagram apps.
  • Then, in the upper right area, click on the button “+”.
  • Among the options, choose the option History.
  • Now, you will have to record anything you want for more than 15 seconds.
  • Behind this, the stories will accumulate until you finish recording.
  • Once you finish, Instagram will show you all the snippets of the video and you can edit them individually.
  • Finally, click on Following and you will have to wait a few seconds for all the stories to upload.

In case you want to upload a video to your Instagram stories from the gallery of your mobile deviceyou only have to share the video in the stories part and the same app will divide the material into fragments of 15 seconds each.


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