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Apple has just introduced its flagship product, the. And one of the biggest surprises around this new device was the announcement that they will no longer use physical SIM cards, which accompanied cell phones for many years. What is this change about?

The Cupertino company indicated that the line of iPhones 14 that will be launched soon in the US will no longer have slots for traditional physical SIMs, also known as chips. Instead, they will adopt the digital alternative called eSIM or virtual SIM.

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As we know, a SIM card is a unique identifier that is placed in cell phones so that the devices can connect to wireless networks so that they can send text messages and make calls. They are provided by telephone operators.

With the eSIM everything changes. Being the evolution of the physical SIM, it is already integrated into the mobile’s own hardware. This eliminates the need to enter it on the device or change it every time you migrate to another operator. To activate it, you only need to scan a QR code provided by the operator.

Apple has already used this technology since 2018, but now it is taking a fundamental step by eliminating the slots for these chips. Among the arguments put forward is the greater security (no one could remove a physical SIM card if it is lost or stolen) and the saving of space on the device to be used for other improvements.

Taking into account that Apple has not mentioned whether it will send another version of the iPhone 14 that supports a physical SIM for the market outside the US, and that in Peru the main operators do not yet offer this virtual chip among their plans, will there be news soon? ?

review of the week

Arcus 200s-BT: To play and enjoy

Can wireless gamer headphones leave us with a memorable sound experience? Primus’ Arcus200s-BTs make it clear that it is possible to get close to it. After testing the device for a few weeks, we leave our impressions. The first thing that catches your eye is its design. Designed for the gamer public, the details of the purple lights could not be missing, from the charging box to the headphones themselves. Striking, resistant and visually well thought out.

The design of the headphones adapts quite well to the ears, allowing quick movements, although, as with all wireless headphones of this type, there is always the fear that, in the face of a sudden action, they may fall. According to Primus, the Arcus 200s-BT have impermeability to a certain amount of water, such as sweat.

After a fairly quick matchup, it takes a little getting used to using the one-touch commands. However, once learned, the use becomes easy and quite practical. It is possible to switch from music mode to game mode with a single touch.

The device provides high-quality 360┬░ surround sound, intended primarily for the growing group of mobile gamers. We also tested its high-definition microphone and it passed. It is worth emphasizing that the connection remained stable, with imperceptible latency. A great option considering the price-quality ratio.


-Content: Case, headphones, charging cable, manual.

-Bluetooth® V5.

-Use time: 4 h game mode / 5 h music mode.

-Charging time: 2 hours. Type C Port

-Wireless range: 10m.

-On sale at Falabella, Ripley and other retailers.


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