Innovation: solutions of the future based on 5G, AI, and automation

Telephone and NTT DATA collaborate closely on the development of innovative applications for the deployment of solutions based on 5G, AI, Machine Learning, automation and data analysis. Companies in the telecommunications sector are currently facing a major challenge due to the extended deployment of 5G, where it is relevant to develop all the potential and possibilities that this technology enables beyond the first tools that already exist, so Large corporations are already working intensively and jointly with different technology companies to be able to value the new ecosystem.

In the context of the DTW (Digital Transformation World) organized by TM ForumNTT DATA presented different solutions for the Spanish telecommunications company, through two Catalyst Projects, concept tests that are carried out in collaboration with other companies in the face of a challenge presented by a “champion”, in this case, Telefónica.

In this way, the requirements were based on the need to provide diversified connectivity sales models, such as the one established zero-touch – a cloud network model that does not require intervention, but takes care of itself – that allows to make the sales cycle more efficient and operational, all powered by 5G in combination with Artificial Intelligence, data analysis and automation. From this premise one of the two solutions presented in the forum is born.

On the one hand, together with Verizon and American Towers of “champion”, Telefónica poses the challenge of telecommunications companies in the evolution of their sales models towards the integration of these in the ecosystems of commercial partners. Using a model zero touch, powered by 5G solutions for smart spaces that enable the implementation of technology edge computingthe project Edge Smart Spaces beyond 5G allows managing the ecosystem through unassisted sales systems. Airports were chosen as an example – because they are commercial environments with a great diversity of supply, very busy and with a high number of transactions – for the application of these new commercial models. Thus, the test consists of the installation of a “Grab&Go” system or unassisted purchase system, in which the offers are implemented in an integral ecosystem, monetizing the process by the implementation of the technology and the operation of the aforementioned ecosystem, paying for use and for transactions.

According to Javier García Jiménez, Head of Architecture in the Telefónica Global team“hehe combination of 5G, FTTH and Edge technologies allow telco companies to significantly enrich our service offerings in the B2C, B2B and B2B2X spheres. In this Catalyst project we have been able to explore, together with the rest of the industry, the challenge of exposing network capabilities and adapting business support systems (BSS) and operation systems (OSS). The ultimate goal has been to digitally and automatically enable the management of these service supply, delivery and monetization relationships with different actors in the value chain within a marketplace.”

On the other hand, telecommunications operators have the need to anticipate the problems and failures in the network that consumers may experience, and for this, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation play a great role. Thanks to the collection of information driven by the automation of customer service in another sentence of the project, the solution presented in the project Autonomous customer experience index for zero-touch 5G network It is based on the creation of a Customer Experience Index (CEI) with greater quantity and quality of data, which helps to anticipate customer problems, and which will add more use cases based on AI techniques and machine learning that accelerate the deployment of reliable and automated network processes.

According to Teodoro Lopez Palacios, partner of the Telecommunications Sector of NTT DATA, “The deployment of 5G is creating a perfect moment for operators to extend their role beyond connectivity, allowing the implementation of value solutions that will undoubtedly be able to transform society and contribute to the sustainability of the different vertical industries. With the example of this project, one of the key aspects is being addressed, which is the management of the ecosystem and the implementation of business models that allow obtaining value for all the members of the different ecosystems. NTT DATA is committed to joint innovation with Telefónica to accelerate obtaining the benefits that 5G will allow”.

These solutions make it possible to take advantage of all the capabilities of the effective deployment of 5G, which in its most advanced version helps companies continue to add value to society and the business ecosystem. The interconnectivity that this deployment enables helps to co-create joint solutions throughout this ecosystem, generating value and ensuring that the business remains sustainable and profitable over time and drives improved services for all users.

Note to the editor: Both projects, presented within the framework of the event, were developed with the participation and contribution of companies such as Nokia, Optare Solutions, Celfocus, Compax Digital, Red Hat, Pega and Matrixx.

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