Indra tests the effectiveness of Crow, its anti-drone system, in Seville in a sample with the Air Force


Indra has successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of its Crow anti-drone system with the Air Force, shooting down two unmanned aircraft during the Unvex sector fair, held this week in Seville.

In the exercise, two small unmanned aerial vehicles take off without authorization in the vicinity of an aerodrome and the Army of the Air and Space detects, analyzes and neutralizes the threat in a matter of seconds thanks to the warning of the technological system, according to a statement from the firm.

The Air and Space Army’s Aerial Deployment Support Squadron (EADA) was in charge of conducting the exercise and demonstrating to experts and clients the intelligence of the system, which has already been used in real military missions in Mali or at the Summit of NATO in Madrid.

Indra’s system uses its algorithms and antennas to identify what type of drone is approaching and the defense system blocks its communications links and positioning systems as soon as it crosses the intrusion perimeter.

Indra’s Counter-UAS systems manager, Juan L√≥pez Campos, has defended the need for advanced drone response systems to prevent possible attacks or incidents that affect the safety of aircraft passengers.

“The vast majority of incidents that occur are caused by the inappropriate use of commercial drones, which many systems can counteract, which provides a false sense of security,” Campos stressed.

Anti-drone systems are a very complex technology that requires the combined use of different systems that must work together with total precision at enormous speed. Indra combines the development of this system with the manufacture of its own drones.

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