Inditex launches, through Oysho, its sports application

Oysho store. / CE

It will offer more than 300 training sessions and will be available in nine countries and in four languages.


Oysho, a chain of the Inditex group, has reinforced its commitment to sport with the launch of Oysho Training, its first fitness, yoga and running training application, as announced by the firm on Monday.

With more than 300 sessions of different levels, both for beginners and more advanced athletes, the app will allow users to design a training plan adapted to their needs, being able to choose their interests already from the ‘onboarding’ process or, directly, filter them by duration and intensity.

The application, totally free, uses a recommendation engine that takes into account the training sessions already carried out to offer new sessions, programs or new challenges, accompanied by top-level trainers and MIA, a 3D avatar that, through augmented reality , will help improve technique and will allow you to see, from any point of view, the exercises that the virtual trainer performs.

Specifically, Oysho Training includes different types of training, from 10 to 45-minute sessions to programs that include routines organized by day to help achieve specific goals.

The app’s classes are available in four languages: Spanish, English, Italian and French, and can be downloaded in nine countries: Spain, Turkey, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.


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