Inbest and GPF create a socimi to invest 600 million in prime real estate assets


The investment firms Inbest and GPF Capital have come together to create a new socimi, under the name Inbest-GPF Real Estate Management Partners, through which they will invest 600 million euros in prime assets, as reported.

Inbest and GPF will share seats on the board of directors and investment committee, while executive functions are delegated to the current Inbest team, led by Javier Basagoiti.

The socimi has already launched a first vehicle, Inbest-GPF Multi Asset Class Prime Socimi. The socimi has all the committed capital from national and international private and institutional investors, which will allow it to buy assets for those 600 million.

The investment strategy of the new entity focuses on real estate assets from different segments, with a value-added management strategy and on locations or types of assets that, due to their characteristics, are ‘prime’ and that are considered a refuge for investors due to their resilience. in economic cycles, as the firms have indicated in a statement.

The socimi has just closed the acquisition from El Corte Inglés of two commercial buildings in Seville and Córdoba for an amount of more than 50 million euros.

Likewise, Inbest-GPF is in an advanced phase of ‘due diligence’ in relation to potential investments in subsectors such as student residences, sports campuses, health and education centers, offices, residential or hotel, among others.

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