“I’m going to kill Cristina,” the organizer of the attack against the vice president boasted on WhatsApp

  • Brenda Uliarte, 23, appears as the organizer of the assassination attempt

  • Camouflaged on the street as a candy vendor, she tried twice to commit political crime

The investigation of failed attack against Cristina Kirchner begins to open to other hypotheses. Fernando Sabag Montiel, the young man who on September 1 tried to shoot the Argentine vice president twice, now appears only as the executor of an act that would have led this country to a political catastrophe if it had been carried out. “Today I become Saint Martin, I’m going to kill Cristina”” Brenda Uliarte, 23, told a friend, Agustina Díaz, arrested since last Wednesday by order of Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti. San Martín is the national hero par excellence and Sabag Montiel’s girlfriend believed he was playing an analogous role.The WhatsApp messages that she exchanged with Díaz and that were found on her phone show her as the organizer of an assassination that was wanted to be carried out twice.

“I rotten (weary) that they talk and do nothing. I am going to do it. The spirit of San Martín entered my body. That son of a bitch got inside before I put the shot“, lamented Uliarte on August 27. That day, together with Sabag Montiel, he tried to put his words into action for the first time when Fernández de Kirchner left his apartment, in the Recoleta neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires, to harangue who demonstrated there in his favor after the decision of prosecutor Diego Luciani to request 12 years in prison and the perpetual disqualification of the vice president, in the framework of a case for alleged negotiations in public works during their governments (2007-15).

why did the shot miss? How did you send this moron?… Did he get nervous?” Diaz reproached Uliarte, the person primarily responsible, according to Capuchetti, for carrying out the “planned attack” with the purpose of “killing Cristina Kirchner.” The conniver’s friend, under arrest several days ago, assumes that she, disguised as a simple candy vendor on the street, had hired a professional assassin.”How much did he charge you?”, she wants to know.Uliarte informs her that he had no to pay anything.” He did it because he’s also overheated with what’s going on. I swear I’m going to lower that one. I am rotten (tired) that he is stealing and I went unpunished.” Diaz celebrates such audacity. However, he believes that it will have its immediate consequences. “They will look for you everywhere if they find out that you are an accomplice in the death of the vice president “. To which a boastful Uliarte of being the head of the attack and not the executing hand replies: “That’s why I sent someone.”

“Take Action”

On September 1, the night that an entire country watched on the screens as Fernández de Kirchner was a few seconds away from losing his life, Uliarte was prowling around the area. After the episode, Díaz communicates with her again. “Why did the shot miss? Didn’t you practice before or did the adrenaline of the moment fail you?”, he wanted to know and suggested to Uliarte that he delete all his accounts on social networks and destroy his cell phone. Justice won him over. Inside, the investigators found valuable information for the cause, images of Sabag Montiel and his girlfriend with the weapon used in the assassination attempt and bravado of all kinds. “We must take action. Let’s put (a bomb) Molotov in the Casa Rosada (headquarters of the Executive)”.

Other judicial measures

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The magistrate in turn ordered the arrest of another young man, Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo, related to Uliarte, Sabag Montiel and Díaz. The security cameras have recorded it several days prior to the attack, as well as on September 1 itself. Threats against President Alberto Fernández were found in his WhatsApp states. “I’m sure the next one is you“.

But, at the same time, the judge tries to verify if these are related to two groups of the extreme right, Federal Revolution and Nation of Dispossessed, responsible for having carried out attacks against officials of the Peronist government and street actions with representations of executions or mortuary bags. At the same time, it seeks to verify if there is a link between these people and an angry neighbor of the vice president, in whose house the lawyer who defends members of the Federal Revolution and the Nation of the Dispossessed lived temporarily.


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