If you do not meet this condition WhatsApp will not allow you to see edited messages

Perhaps one of the most anticipated updates to WhatsApp is the one that would allow users to edit a message seconds after it was sent.

This is a function that since 2016, Telegram, the strongest rival of Meta’s messaging service, already offers on its platform and that has been seen in the beta versions of WhatsApp for a few months.

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For now, there are few details about how the feature to edit messages in WhatsApp will work.

Last June, a rreport highlighted that the function would have a mechanism similar to the one we now know on platforms like Facebook.

Clicking on the sent message would show the copy or edit options (strange, the delete option would no longer be part of the menu). By choosing the second option, the message would reappear in the WhatsApp writing bar from where you could delete or add text as well as add other types of content such as stickers, emoticons, images or audio.

Now, a new report signed by WaBetaInfo has shed light on a possible condition that users must attend to in order to see these messages that have been edited.

WhatsApp and a condition for edited messages

The beta version 2.22.2012 of WhatsApp for Android has shown that in order to correctly view those messages that have gone through an editing process, users must have the most up-to-date version of the service installed.

A new screenshot shows that the app will lock the edited message and tell the user that they need to upgrade to a newer version of the service in order to access the content. This notification is accompanied by a link that would apparently facilitate access to the appropriate WhatsApp version.

As we already know, these details of what the new WhatsApp feature could be are far from definitive. The platform is simply testing to determine what are the best conditions to launch this feature or not.

However, we can see that there is an interest in giving users a benefit that has been required for years. For now there is nothing left to wait.

Image: WABetaInfo

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