Hyundai and Iveco present the eDAILY, the first fuel cell van — Electric car —

The Iveco eDAILY FCEV is a prototype of a hydrogen van in whose development he has participated hyundai. It has made its debut at the Hannover Motor Show, an exhibition in which the main novelties for professional transport are presented.

With a range of 350 km, this hydrogen van has passed several tests in Europe that confirm its viability. The prototype weighs 7.2 tons and can carry a maximum payload of three tons.

eDAILY FCEV, Hyundai’s hydrogen van

The Daily is the best-selling mid-size van in the Iveco range. The current range includes versions with traditional propulsion (gasoline and diesel), biomethane and electric. The eDAILY FCEV is now added to the latter, the first powered by hydrogen.

The Iveco eDAILY FCEV is equipped with a 90 kW fuel cell system manufactured by Hyundai that works in combination with a 140 kW electric motor. For feed this mechanism uses six tanks, with a total capacity of 12 kilos of hydrogen.

To prove its effectiveness and efficiency, Hyundai has subjected its fuel cell system to a journey of more than 4.5 million kilometers in Switzerland. There, it has proven its performance and reliability mounted on a range of heavy duty trucks.

As Hyundai and Iveco have advanced in Hannover (Germany), demonstrating the reliability of the hydrogen vanthe next step will be the manufacture of several units that will be tested by selected customers at the end of next year.

Hyundai-Iveco Alliance

In March 2022, Hyundai and Iveco signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). From then on and with the motto “Engineered by Iveco Group, powered by Hyundai“, both companies began a series of works for the development of electric vehicles and alternative drives.

In July, they announced that they had ready the first Iveco Bus powered by hydrogen and equipped with the hyundai fuel cell system.

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