Hungary requires women to listen to the heartbeat of the fetus before aborting

The Government of Hungary has imposed by decree that before aborting Every woman You must listen to the heartbeat of the fetus.

According to the text, signed by the Ministry of the Interior, the woman must present a report issued by an obstetrician-gynecologist, stating that you have received all information about the vital signs of the fetus, including the beating of his heart. The law will take effect this Friday.

Hungary’s abortion law dates from 1992 and allows abortion up to week 12. Until that date, abortion is free without the need for requirements other than the decision of the woman. However, under certain circumstances, the limit can be extended to 18, 20 or 24 weeks.

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pro-natalist policy

With this decree, the Government of ultranationalist Viktor Orbán It will force from this Friday that women who want to abort listen to the vital signs of the fetus first.

Given this and with a decree not agreed upon by any of the parties, the leftist Democratic Coalition has demanded that the Government whether or not to prepare a modification of the Abortion Law.

Orbán has already been contrary to this law on several occasions and very restrictive in terms of time, but until now he had not modified this rule.

Since 2017, the Orbán government has implemented a new family policy in Hungary with the Family Protection Action Planwhich provides, for example, a flat tax and family allowances to increase birth rates in Hungary.

With this pronatalist Politics, hospitals have the right to refuse to perform abortions and the government is launching anti-abortion campaigns on public transport and in schools. Those campaigns are violation of European Union rules with respect to the financing program that Hungary receives.

Abortion up to week 12

In Hungary abortions are allowed until week 12 and a pregnancy can be terminated at any time if the fetus is fatally affected. In this case there is mandatory counseling and a three-day waiting period.

The pregnancy can extend to 18 weeks if the woman’s health is in serious danger or is the result of rape and that, in addition to those conditions, the woman was previously unaware of her pregnancy due to a medical condition or institutional error. To extend it to 24 weeksthe fetus must have a 50% risk of presenting a genetic or teratological malformation.


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