Hungary presents its new anti-corruption measures to avoid the suspension of European funds

The Hungarian government believes that it will be able to avoid EU financial sanctions. This Monday, Budapest has presented a package of new anti-corruption measures. Just one day after the European Commission proposed to suspend funds worth approximately 7,500 million euros for its violations of the rule of law, especially in relation to corruption

The measures come after lengthy negotiations between Brussels and the Viktor Orbán government. not fulfill the commitments it made, we fulfill our commitments. Therefore, the part of the proposal that suggests possible sanctions is of secondary importance to us”, explained the minister, Tibor Navracsics.

The Orbán government appears willing to do whatever it takes to secure EU funding. That is why he has announced that he will create a new anti-corruption agency with independent experts. And it is also changing public procurement rules to reduce single-bidder competitions. But despite the changes, several experts ask the European Union not to be naive with the Orbán government.

“What needs to be analyzed is this new anti-corruption authority that is supposed to be created. The question is whether it will be incisive and how the EU will ensure that it is truly independent. It seems that they are a bit naive with the Hungarian government” , has pointed out the analyst Garvan Walshe.

The suspension of funds must now be approved within a month by qualified majority by the rest of the Member States. Although it may take two more months, until mid-December if necessary.


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