how to download Web App and Companion App for iOS/Android devices and on PC

Only one week separates us from the launch of FIFA 23the last installment of the saga under this name. If we want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible, the offer to become subscribers of EA Play for less than one euro. In this way, we have early access to the sports title.

However, we can already prepare different aspects thanks to the Web App and the Companion App. Yes, we are talking about the two applications that will give you a cable to manage your FIFA Ultimate Team squad from anywhere. Celebrations, stadium decoration, participating in events, opening packs and signing players are some of the options available.

Of course, the rewards derived from FUT Champions, Division Rivals, Squad Battles and FUT Events they are also claimable from the mobile if you wish. Therefore, here are the links available for the application you need:

It should be noted that the two mobile apps are still listed for FIFA 22, but an update will be released today, September 22, if you already have it installed. Yesterday it was revealed that Ted Lasso will be available as manager of AFC Richmond.

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