How to convert WhatsApp voice memos to text without installing anything

we will explain how to convert voice notes to text without installing anything in WhatsApp, so that if you can’t listen to a voice message that has been sent to you for a moment, you can read its content. For this, we are not going to use any application, but a bot created by third parties.

this bot you will be able to use it on mobile, web and desktop, in any of the versions of WhatsApp for any system. All you have to do is add the bot to your contacts and forward voice messages to it. The bot will analyze its content and transcribe it for you in a few seconds. The only limit is that messages must be a maximum of 60 seconds longsince it will not parse those that are longer.

But before we start, it is important to give you a little privacy notice. And it is that when you share a voice message with the bot, you will be putting the privacy of what is said in the message at risk. With this, I am not telling you that it is dangerous for you to send it because they will surely read it, but you should not use this function in messages that have sensitive or private content.

Transcribe WhatsApp messages

Add Bot

The first thing you have to do is add the bot to your contacts, something you’re going to do through their phone number. You can add this bot to contacts using this direct link or by creating a new chat by choosing the phone number +14156809230 and adding it to your contacts.


Next, you have to forward the voice message you want to transcribe. For that, you have to enter the chat you are in and hold your finger on it to see the options. In them, choose to forward it, not to share it, to forward it to another of your WhatsApp contacts.

Choose Forward

now you have to choose the name that you have given to the bot contact to forward it the message. Simply, when you are in the menu to choose which contact you want to forward the chosen voice note to, you have to choose the bot.


And that’s it. When the message arrives to the bot, it will take a few seconds and will send you a message with the transcript. Actually, he can send you multiple messages, but the transcript will appear as a reply to the voice memo so you can distinguish it.

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