How to choose the most suitable computer for video games

Computers continue to improve their performance, especially those dedicated to the gaming worldas they are models specifically designed to run graphically intensive software. As highlighted by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), most gaming laptops have powerful graphics cards and processors. But how to choose the one that best suits your needs?

First of all, the OCU details which are the main factors to take into account. First, know what we are going to use the computer for and for what type of games, since some consume more battery than others. Another important factor is the budget. There are laptops on the market in different price ranges, depending on the games to be played.

The three main aspects of a gaming laptop

The OCU recommends reviewing three basic aspects when purchasing a gaming laptop: system requirements, display characteristics, and type of graphics card.

Regarding the requirements, this list includes RAM, storage, graphics card and processor (CPU). In this sense, the OCU recalls that in some models, “the difference between what is recommended and what is minimum is enormous. Keep this in mind because if you choose your laptop based on the minimum and you are going to buy more games in the future, it is almost certain that the released at a later date may not perform well”.

On the other hand, the size of the screen is one of the most important aspects, so The following characteristics should be taken into account:

  • Size: the most frequent in gaming laptops is 15 inches.
  • Resolution– 1440p display offers “the perfect combination of high resolution and decent gaming performance.” However, the graphics card has to be able to “deliver enough frames per second for a smooth experience.”
  • Refresh rate: higher frames per second (120 Hz or 144 Hz instead of the classic 60 Hz) add greater comfort for fast-paced games. However, keep in mind that “higher resolution and higher frame rates will weigh more on the graphics card.”
  • display port: If you want to connect an external gaming monitor, the best option is a computer that has a display port and a DisplayPort input.

Although, without a doubt, the graphics card is the most important element. “It’s the responsible for calculating and creating the images that are seen on the screen in 3D games”, indicates the OCU.

On the one hand, dedicated cards they are a separate piece inside the laptop that is responsible for generating the graphics. “This makes games perform better than an embedded model and for most games it’s a safe bet.” On the other hand, integrated cards they are part of the computer’s processor and have to share resources such as fans and RAM. “This is not to say that integrated chips should always be avoided, it all depends on the game.”


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