How to change my Wi-Fi password step by step

As everyone knows, the Wifi is a very important mobile technology that allows electronics devices access to Internet from different places, since it is the best option, since it not only allows us to navigate fluently, but also saves data.

This wireless connection is called in English Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance and originated in the year 1997 in order to create a local communication network.

And it is that this type of technology offers us innumerable advantages that make our work much faster, accessible, have greater coverage, flexible, portable, adaptable and above all, they are easy to install.

They also use radio waves to transmit data to computers, televisions, smartphones, tablets, among others.

They have definitely established themselves as something totally essential, because with the arrival of the pandemic as a result of Covid19, their use both at work and for remote teaching made them a useful and indispensable tool for everyone.

There are different types of connections among which are those that are wireless at home, landline or router, mobile hotspot or jetpack, 4G LTE Home Internet and 5G Home Internet

In general, when we install the internet, the router usually comes with a default password, so it is essential to change it in order to improve security.

So in this note, we bring you all the tips that will help you in this process.

Improve Wi-Fi quality

  • In this case, there are two factors that you need to take into account. One of them is the device configuration and the other are the settings what should you do to the net wireless.
  • If the problem persists, try to disconnect the WIFI network and reconnect it, but if it does not solve it, try to uninstall it from your smartphone or computer, to re-register it.
  • Enter to ‘settings’later ‘Network and Internet’then click on the connected network and finally on ‘Forget Wi-Fi network’ to erase absolutely all data.

Configure the router

On the other hand, if what you need is to increase the signal by configuring the router, you will only need the user IP address and the access password.

Risks of the Wi-Fi connection

Those who use the Wi-Fi network are always exposed to information vulnerability, so you must always protect their data.

  • Information theft: A network without security can harm you in the theft of your personal data, be it emails, details of your credit cards, credentials of your company, among others.
  • spread viruses: If file sharing is activated through a network, the hacker could infect your electronic device and cause problems in the future.

Change Password

It’s always convenient change the password for security, because in this way we make it difficult for those who dare to enter our connection without permission to enter.

To change it, you just have to enter the configuration of your router through the browser, then go to change password settings and modify it at the precise moment.

steps to take

Enter the address in the browser bar to access the router, be it on your computer, mobile or other electronic device. Remember that when you enter you will see the screen of login and just write your access data.

Write your username and passwordit is very easy to find them in the back or under the device, in case they do not appear, they could be in their box and if that does not happen, you should contact customer service to help you solve the aforementioned problem.

As soon as we have the information, we will complete the corresponding data to continue with the following steps.

Go to the settings called “Wifi network”, “WiFi settings’ or “Security” and you can change the name of your wireless network, among other things.

Finally, change the password you want, but it needs to be 100% secure.

Why change your password?

Sometimes out of laziness or because we think it’s difficult, we don’t change the password on our devices, but you must do it, and if you don’t, you could have many problems in the future.

  1. Weak key: The default key that the home network gives us is very insecure, since there are different applications or even tutorials, where they can be instructed to steal people’s Wi-Fi. Worse still, if that individual knows your operator and your network name. It’s all dangerous!
  1. Impossible to remember: On some occasions, when the password is usually very difficult, it becomes very tedious for us to remember it, that is why it is essential to use a long one that can be easily accessed by you and your whole family.


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