How the “princess of contrasts” rose Queen: this is how Letizia survived the last blows of Juan Carlos

Felipe de Borbón ascended to the throne in 2014, and from that date Letizia Ortiz She exercises her role as Queen with the majority applause of the population and the national and international media. Her obligation to the Royal House and the official agenda, as well as to various charitable causes, has resulted in a brilliant career that other facets, such as her applauded style, her personal discretion and commitment to raising her daughters, the heiress Leonor and the infanta Sofía, have only finished off.

It is true that not everything has been so relatively stable, or simple, for the Queen. The last blows of Juan Carlos on the thronecornered by scandals and infidelities, and legal proceedings such as the one that affected the infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarín questioned the entire institution and caused many signs of contempt on the part of those involved towards Letizia.

Gone are the times of the “princess of contrasts“, a headline in Hello! led by a malicious Juan Carlos in the last days of his reign. It was the already distant year 2013 with the echo of the Nóos case at its height and with the then Princes of Asturias relegated to a secondary place amid media harassment of a monarchy that made headlines for corruption, when the economic crisis still gave its own flicks

In the midst of it all, the publication marked an extensive photographic report of Letizia in a maneuver to favor Juan Carlos and Sofía over Felipe and Letizia through the use of various expressions (“he speaks with his eyes”, the “protocol of the Princess”) who looked down on the future Queen.

“This week’s coverand Hello! This is the vilest thing I’ve seen in years. Why are they taking it against Letizia? If the ones who have made the mistakes have been everyone else, why are they attacking her? It’s wicked…”, Federico Jiménez Losantos commented at the time on esRadio, clearly seeing the maneuver of the then cornered Casa Real.

The bad past with Sofia

It is true that Letizia still had to resist some other episodes of crisis, some of them caused by the rectitude and strength of her own character. The sad scene in the Palma Cathedral in April 2018, when the entire Royal Family attended mass for Resurrection Sunday, remains in everyone’s memory. Queen Sofía wanted to take a picture of her with her granddaughters, Leonor and Sofía, and Letizia avoided it by standing between them and the photographer, generating an uncomfortable scuffle between the two women before the eyes of all of Spain. An incident that ended with Letizia “worried and devastated” recognizing her mistake and that, at least in appearance, both have overcome.

In such a long and stable marriage – 22 years they have been married – it is natural that there is some kind of crisis moment. And not even the Kings get rid of it. In 2013 there was much talk that Felipe and Letizia, in the midst of the worst moments of the institution, were on the verge of separation. Every gesture between the two was scrutinized to the millimeter and the pressure was maximum, with the couple arriving in Palma to spend their summer holidays separately, and leaving in the same way, reducing their stay on the island to a minimum. The accumulated tension of the different crises that gripped the institution was evident. And every gesture of independence by Doña Letizia was perceived as a flash of crisis.

Rejected at the Palace

Well known is the coldness with which Letizia was received in the Royal Family by Juan Carlos. And how, after closing ranks with the infantas, after her father’s monarchical scandals, she only received indifference from the infantas after having developed a remarkable friendship with them, especially with Cristina de Borbón. A turn that was painful for everyone, as it was the Duke and Duchess of Palma who received Felipe and Letizia’s commitment, as well as Letizia herself, with her most open arms.

Over the years Letizia seems to have made another enemy in the Greek royal family, with Marie-Chantal Miller, wife of Prince Pablo, from time to time making Letizia ugly in various episodes of her biography. The images of Letizia in various events where the marriage must relate to Sofia’s family show her discomfort. And even King Felipe has attended some celebration, such as Pablo’s 50th birthday, alone and without Queen Letizia.

Your international image

However, and despite some crises, Letizia’s position today is very different. With her head held high, she looks at the horizon proud of her daughters, with Leonor de Borbón beginning to join the official agenda to walk alone from her parents and towards the throne. And, in the case of Letizia, boasting – of successful outfits that cause an international sensation although occasionally they are worth criticism, like that too short skirt of hers on her last vacation in Mallorca.

Fashion has been one of his tools to transcend internationally. Letizia receives the best reviews in this regard every week. Her good taste, variety of her outfits, and the generally appropriateness of her choices have earned it. She is not averse to recycling garments or reusing them, to give a certain image of sobriety or simply because they are to her liking. And she occasionally she knows how to make headlines with a specific surprise.

Faithful to his idea of ​​supporting Spanish fashion, Felipe Varela was his head designer before the Queen opened up to other national brands such as Roberto Torretta or Matilde Cano. In her wardrobe, as a result of her responsibility as Queen, all kinds of Spanish firms also coexist. But Letizia does not disgust prestigious international designers either, combining these garments with other more popular firms “at street level” such as Zara.

Letizia’s basic preference is dresses, high-heeled shoes, skirts, her favorite color being red. She always trying to be elegant and appropriate in charge of her.


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