How many nuclear weapons does Russia have? And the rest of the powers?

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has put the whole world on alert after his first televised address to the nation after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine last February. Putin announced a partial mobilization, that is, that he will recruit new soldiers, accused the West of seeking the destruction of Russia and threatened to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

After the Ukrainian counteroffensive, which has led him to recover numerous territories, the Russian president tries to gain credibility and announces new military moves to warn the West, which he accuses of trying to “weaken, divide and finally destroy our country”. “They openly say that in 1991 they were able to dismember the Soviet Union and now it is Russia’s turn,” he added.

last february Putin already ordered to put the “deterrence forces”, which include the nuclear ones, in a “special regime of service” in response to “declarations of aggression” of the main NATO countries, in the midst of a Russian military offensive against Ukraine.


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