How is the new house that the Spanish are looking for today?

Just a few months after a collective confinement whose cause could be traced in the mistreatment of the planet by human beingsthe new house was already focused on sustainability. “They are buildings that face the crisis for life and for the climate at the same time”, said Guallart about his designs.

“The set is designed to produce food, energy and also objects of daily use from the mini digital industry equipped with 3d printers located on the ground floors. In addition, all the blocks of flats are covered by greenhouses that allow food to be produced for daily consumption and use their sloped roofs to produce energy”, he continued.

Perhaps that is more than what we ask of a newly built home, but it is perfectly in tune with the new purchase demands, according to Exxecon Smart Living: “The concern for sustainability in the real estate sector is a fact. The promoters increasingly use more sustainable materials”, they assure from the company. “In this line, post-pandemic clients are very interested in obtaining higher energy certifications and sustainability sealsWhat passive house”.

© Adria Goula

The “passive house” is a housing standard that maintains ideal atmospheric conditions inside to achieve a energy savings that can reach 90% Compared to a normal house. The environment, and incidentally, the owner’s wallet, benefit greatly, something especially interesting now that electricity spending is at a peak.

Solar panels are already mandatoryand any building must have them as a means of reducing energy consumption, but there are also other types of installations, such as aerothermal and geothermalpresent in many of the new residential developments”, specify from Exxecon Smart Living.

Improved common areas in buildings

We live more and more atomized, more separated, and everything indicates that this reality makes us unhappy. But in Denmark, which usually comes out very well on the various global well-being meters, they have had a solution for decades: live in bofællesskabthe houses that are inhabited in community.

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