How could this tropical cyclone affect the Canary Islands? heavy rain expected

The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) is monitoring a disturbance that pIt could evolve as a tropical system and approach the Canary Islands.

For now, the disturbance It is located in the interior of the African continent., southeast of Cape Verde. This Thursday 22 could arrive on the ocean surface where conditions could be favorable to its development as a tropical cyclone. Currently the probability that it will form in the next 5 days is 50%.

Numerical models suggest that the trajectory of the system could be north for several days. In this way, I could approach the Canary Islands and noting its effects there: strong rain and a worsening of maritime conditions.

This is a forecast with low predictability due to the situation in the North Atlantic. Also due to the temporary deadlines, so there may still be changes in the next updates.

When would this tropical cyclone affect the Canary Islands?

In principle direct system impact is not expected over the islands. However, predecessor rains could be the most notable consequence in the archipelago of the presence of the cyclone. could turn out very abundantwith large amounts of rain on several consecutive days.


If these forecasts that point to the approach of the cyclone to the Canary archipelago from the south are fulfilled, the rains could start on Saturday 24. They are expected to be more intense and affect the entire region on Sunday the 25th. The rainy situation will last at least until Monday, with calm weather returning to the archipelago on Tuesday the 27th.

Great tropical activity in the Atlantic

After months of July and August, which resulted in little activity in the Atlantic Ocean, the basin now shows much more movement. In September there has been the appointment of several tropical cyclones, some of them being hurricanes.

It remains active Category 4 Hurricane Fiona (major hurricane) that is next to the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. The tropical storm has also recently been named Gaston. It is located at a higher latitude, in the center of the basin and does not pose any threat to any territory. It will get closer to the Azores Islands as it weakens.

In addition to the disturbance that could be directed to the Canary Islands, there are two others under surveillance. It is likely that at some point there will be 4 systems with active tropical features in the Atlantic basin simultaneously in the next few days.

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