Hotelverse backed in its role for hotel disintermediation

Chains and hotels redouble efforts to regain control of their distributionat least in part, reinforced by the weight of the direct sale during the pandemic. And for this they use all the tools at their disposal, especially technological ones, such as the competitive advantage over OTAs offered by Hotelversewhose work has been supported by the closure of its second round of investment for one million euros with the support of some greats in the sector.

hotelverse has added in this round new investors such as Aurelio VazquezSenior Director of Asset Management at Hotel Investment Partners (HIP); Raul GonzalezCEO of Barcelo Hotel Group for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa); Sabadell Venture Capital and real estate investment company stoneweg.

from left From right, Fermín Carmona and Rafael Bover offer with Hotelverse a unique tool to attract customers to book on the hotel website, irreplicable by intermediaries.

The startup Spanish already raised last March the first round of financingalso for one million euros, to accelerate the deployment of your technology. On that occasion she had the support of Iberostar Groupthe venture capital firm Archipelago Nextthe family offices of Areyhold and Toni Nadaland the Mexican businessman Braulio Arsuaga.

In less than six months, as reported by its co-founder and CEO, Fermín Carmona, “we have managed to consolidate a team of 40 employees, which we hope to double by the end of the year”

But the growth does not stop there since, as its other founder and Director of Operations has detailed, Raphael Bover“business plans include a internalization short term. We are currently present in the Caribbean and we plan to cover new markets such as United States and Greece in the coming months, in addition to being present at Asia next year”.

Tool to improve the booking experience

The evolution of Hotelverse has been remarkable, becoming a key tool for improve the booking experience that brings real value to users. The technology developed transforms the purchase process, being the only option on the market that allows customers book a specific room and personalize your stay to measure.

Hotels manage to increase the web conversion rate by 60% and raise the average value of the cart, by favoring the contracting of additional services and encouraging the reservation of superior quality rooms

In this sense Aurelio Vazquez has highlighted that “both founders -former directors of Iberostar– They have a great deal of knowledge improvement of profitability through disintermediation and revenue processes. I believe that they have clearly marked out a path of success and I am fully convinced that We will see this tool in a very short time in the vast majority of hotel chains”.

Hotelverse also has great potential for development in the Metaverse, thanks to the creation of the digital twin of each establishment.

under his slogan “The end of normal”Hotelverse searches break the middleman contributing a irreplicable value proposition and building a product focused on improving product knowledge to attract the consumer more efficiently and be chosen over third parties.

More information about Hotelverse at:

Hotelverse provides the definitive differential element to the direct channel

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Hotelverse, among the 100 most creative companies in Spain according to Forbes

Hotelverse drives your profitability through a Immersive shopping experience in the digital twin, a hyper-realistic 3D model that allows the client to explore the hotel and its facilities to select the exact room and reserve it, designing their stay in detail. Thus start living your vacation at the time of booking.


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