Heavy rains in Italy cause seven dead and three missing

A very strong torrent of water, which discharged in just over two hours a third of the rains of the entire year, has devastated the center of Italy this morningwhere at least 10 people have died and another 4, including two children, are missing, and where mud and water have devastated several villages, which were not alerted to the danger.

All the victims were registered in the province of Ancona, in the Marche region, the area most affected by the intense storm, that meteorologists attributed to the effects of a very hot summerwhile warning of the possibility of intense waterspouts throughout the country during the next month.

“It was a very violent phenomenon”during which 400 millimeters of water were recorded in just over two hours, “which means a third of the rains that fell throughout the year,” said the head of the Italian Civil Protection, Fabrizio Curcio, who has traveled to the area affected to supervise rescue efforts and meet with local authorities.

The force of the storm has caused numerous landslides Enea Discepoli/via REUTERS

The force of the storm has caused numerous landslidesforming large torrents of water and mud that have devastated several towns in the province of Ancona, the most affected, while firefighters work to locate the victims of the storm, which has also been felt in the nearby regions of Tuscany and Umbria .

waterborne vehicles

In the Senigallia area, in Ancona, the bodies of four deceased were recovered in a garageas well as those of two other men, while the last victim was located inside his vehicle, which was dragged by the water, along with another individual who managed to save himself by grabbing a tree.

Among the missing is a 6-year-old boy who was in the car with his motherwhich the firefighters managed to rescue, while the minor was dragged by the force of the water, according to local media.

About 200 firefighters have been working since last night in the affected areas, between the provinces of Ancona and Pesaro-Urbinowhere they are looking for the disappeared once the rains have stopped, moving towards the south of the country.

The emergency services have received hundreds of calls due to the effects of the water Fuoco / Reuters

“It was a very violent phenomenon”in which in just over two hours “a third of the rains that fell throughout the year were recorded, which has produced a disaster,” Curcio assured Sky24 television, where he said that “we must prepare for a difficult winter ” and that it is “necessary to get used to phenomena like this that will be more and more numerous”.

The mayor of Sassoferrato, also in Ancona, one of the most affected towns, where several of the disappeared are from, assured that they had not received any special notice warning them that something like this could happen, just a regular alert for wind and rain.

“Nothing made us foresee such a disaster. It all happened in the space of an hour. Now the sky is clear,” the mayor, Maurizio Greci, told Radio Capital.

“Yesterday there was no weather alert, except for the wind, so we were not aware of this type of danger. Apparently it was something sudden,” said the councilor, Massimo Olivetti, who explained that “the problem is that Senigallia has a torrent and when it rains it becomes a threat to the whole city. We hope that, sooner or later, those responsible will be able to deal with it.”

The tragedy has occurred in the middle of the campaign for the elections on the 25th, which has mobilized the solidarity of all political formationsand the Democratic Party (PD), the highest progressive formation in the country, has canceled all electoral activities.


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