He murders his eight-year-old daughter with an insecticide in Bolivia

Gavana MM 29 years has been arrested by murder to its daughter of eight years in bolivia. For this, she has been sentenced to 30 years of prison for having committed parricide. The events occurred on April 17, 2020 in the city of Sucre. The parricide decided to end the life of her daughter, giving her drink insecticideto prevent the little girl from counting the infidelities what he was committing. A similar event happened in this country last August. A man killed his minor children and then tried commit suicide.

The fiscal from the department of Chuquisaca, Mauricio Nava-Morales has indicated that in audience of oral trial It was shown that women are material author of the death from her daughter. During it, all the evidence collected in the preparatory stage, such as the expert opinion in toxicology which shows that the smallest ingested an insecticide. Besides, the autopsy made by him Institute of forensic investigations (IDIF), determined as cause of death mechanical asphyxiation by obstruction of lower airways by gastric content. so pick it up Debate.

The parricide altered the crime scene

The parricide, presumably, altered the scene of crime for simulate that small had been life taken away Gavana came out of her living place and minutes later Return Y pretended found her daughter dead. The dad of the girl called the Policeman to notify the event, but after investigating what happened they discovered that the person who committed the murder was the mother herself.

“The woman admitted having committed the crime and requested to submit to the alternate exit of abbreviated procedure, therefore the members of the Court issued the maximum penalty without the right to pardon, the prosecutor explained.


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