Goirigolzarri (CaixaBank), Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021 by UPF-BSM

He warns that personalistic leadership in large companies entails “risks”


The president of CaixaBank, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, received this Wednesday the Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Award from UPF-BSM for his leadership in the integration with Bankia, at the headquarters of the university center in Barcelona.

In a speech at the award ceremony, Goirigolzarri has claimed “institutional leadership” as a tool to guarantee the sustainability of business projects, CaixaBank reported in a statement.

“Institutional leadership must have two basic references: a culture based on strong values, which inspire the company’s strategy, and the creation of a network of local leaders”, he stated.

As he has defended, values ​​”cannot be reduced to being mere restrictions or limitations”, but must be central in defining business strategies, and local leadership must give the organization agility.

Goirigolzarri has stated that he is not in favor of personalistic and charismatic leadership in large companies: “This type of leadership carries obvious risks for the sustainability of projects and for the growth of people”.

He has warned that for a project to be sustainable it must have “a return above the cost of capital” and satisfied customers, for which committed teams are needed, he said.

That requires, in turn, “social recognition, because no company, sector or project can be viable if society does not want it to exist, if society does not find its usefulness”, he stressed.

The president of CaixaBank has also considered it essential that people feel part of a project, which should lead to “rejecting unsupportive and short-term behavior, because teamwork is synonymous with loyalty and generosity”.


The rector of UPF, Oriol Amat, has highlighted Goirigolzarri’s leadership in the merger with Bankia and has defined the businessman as an “example” who symbolizes the values ​​that BSM wants to transmit to its students and to the entire community.

“The merit of the merger is twofold. It not only strengthens the financial fabric of our country, but it does so by showing unquestionable respect for the historical origins and the principles that nurtured the genesis of the merged entities, thus constituting not only a large bank , but rather the main benchmark for responsible banking in Spain”, he remarked.

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