“God, I hate this! I can’t stand this damn thing!”

A new anger of Carlos III was captured yesterday by the cameras while signing at Hillsborough Castle to commemorate his mother Elizabeth II. The King of England was at the royal residence in Co Down, Northern Ireland, on the last leg of his royal tour of the four kingdoms following the death of his mother.

At the end of the act, the monarch had to sign in the castle’s guest book and that was when the incident that was captured on video occurred. At first, the King had to ask an aide what the date was, since he originally wrote the wrong one.

“Today is September 12?”the King asks the Queen Consort Camila and a group of assistants, one of whom replies that it is the 13th. Then, Carlos III admits that he had made a mistake and even Camila makes him see that he had already written «September 12 ” somewhere else.

After finishing his message, the King passed the pen to Camilla, the Queen Consort. At this point she lost her temper with the utensil. “Oh God I Hate This”, said. His wife replied, “Oh look, it goes everywhere” as the King wiped the ink off his hand.

An aide went to intervene and took the quill from the Queen Consort. “I can’t stand this damn thing…it sucks every time”the King complained as he walked away.

The King then decides to leave the room while Camila sits down and completes the task of signing the couple through the castle.

This is not the first time that Carlos III has been angry in public since he became king. On September 10, he was recorded in an attitude similar to that seen in Hillsborough. On that occasion, he went to sign the document that consolidated him as monarch in front of the Privy Council.

Specifically, just before sitting down, Carlos III requested that the inkwell and pens be removed, since they bothered him to place and sign the declaration. The gesture was soon criticized on the social network, calling it haughty and condescending.

Whether due to the dimensions of the desk or the size of the documents to be signed, Carlos III’s writing utensils were the last obstacle to becoming King. They were quickly withdrawn to proceed with the signing of it.


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