Giorgia Meloni divides the Italians

The far-right Giorgia Meloni is the big favorite to become the first woman to head a government in Italy after the elections on September 25. A volatile electorate, with 40% undecided and abstentionists, must decide whether to opt for the change that candidate Meloni represents.

Giorgia Melonia’s far-right Brothers of Italy defend Italian identity, private initiative and family values, against what they call LGBT “lobbies.” After being the only opposition during Draghi’s mandate and previous governments, Meloni represents renewal in these elections.

A woman who would represent change, but who divides Italian women

“I have always liked Meloni since I began to be interested in politics, said a model interviewed in Rome. I like what she says and how she always sides with women, and in fact, she is the only woman who has prevailed really into Italian politics, even though it hasn’t been easy.”

“I consider Giorgia Meloni a very strong woman. In this sense, I recognize myself in her as an Italian woman. However, there are many aspects of her campaign, her mentality and her politics in which I do not recognize myself,” said this young interviewee. .

“It would be wonderful to see a woman reaching the highest rank in politics, but it doesn’t have to be her. Perhaps someone with ideas that are a little more open, more current, let’s say,” said another Italian.

At a time of great challenges for Italy

After a long period of political instability, Italy goes to the polls next Sunday. Meloni, the great favorite, could become the first female president of the Government of Italy at a time of great challenges for the country.


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