Germany already welcomes all the people who have fled Russia and who refuse to join the Army

Vladimir Putin’s call for partial military mobilization has caused an unprecedented exodus in Russian history, not seen even at the stage when the Soviet Union disintegrated. While hundreds of thousands of Russians are called to the front lines and must march to Ukraine, most of them against their will, Europe is already preparing to the arrival of the Russians who have fled of the country, and that they are determined not to remain on Russian soil under any circumstances.

Germany is one of those countries that has already begun to grant asylum to Russians who have fled the country before Vladimir Putin ordered to prohibit leaving the country to all people of fighting age. Flights and transport tickets sold out in a matter of minutes to escape Russia, with the most popular searches in the country being “how to leave russia” and “how to break an arm”, so as not to join the ranks of the Russian Army.

Although some countries like Germany already offer asylum to Russians who have defected, there are those who categorically refuse, as is the case with the Baltic countries, which reject the presence of Russian citizens. The European Union has called for a consensus on this issue among all its members, to agree on how to jointly welcome the people who have been involved in the Russian exodus. For now, there is no unanimous agreement.

Illegal referendums begin

This Friday, announced referendums begin by Vladimir Putin to annex certain areas of Ukraine, such as Kherson, Zaporizhia, or the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. The international community has already warned that it will not in any way recognize the results of these referendums, which it considers “illegal”, and agrees with Ukraine in its demands to maintain the counteroffensive and fully recover its territory.

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, rose this past Thursday from the UN Security Council amidst ever-increasing tension, where Russia is becoming more and more alone. With the shadow of the nuclear threat hanging over Europe, and with all the members of the United Nations warning Russia that they will not allow Putin to launch a new ultimatum with its nuclear order and that he will pay very expensive consequences if he dares to continue with his threats.

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