Gasoline registers its lowest price since January

The gas recorded a new fall during the last week until registering an average price of 1,579 euros per liter -applying the discount of 20 cents from the Government-, standing at levels not recorded since last Januarywhile the diesel oil also low after three consecutive weeks on the rise.

Likewise, according to the data released this Thursday by the European Union (EU) Oil Bulletin, which includes the average price registered at more than 11,400 Spanish service stations between September 6 and 12, the price of both fuels continues below the barrier of 2 euros the liter even without the public bonus. With these values, the cost of gasoline has decreased by 2% in the last seven days, while diesel is 1% cheaper than a week ago.

During the last week, gasoline marked its lowest price since the end of January, when it was paid at 1,538 euros per liter, while the diesel has given a small respite after chaining three consecutive climbs coinciding with the end of August, a period of heavy traffic on the roads.

In addition, both fuels are located below the prices recorded during Marchwhen the Government, as a result of the maximums that were exceeded week after week, was forced to establish the bonus of 20 cents per liter for all consumers, which will be in force until the end of the year.

However, the escalation suffered by both fuels since the beginning of 2022, a situation that has been aggravated after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, has caused the price of gasoline to have increased by nearly 5% since the first week of January, compared to to 26% that diesel has become more expensive.

At current prices, Filling an average 55 liter tank with gasoline costs about 85 euroscompared to the almost 94 euros that are paid if diesel is used, which means paying about 4 euros more than at the beginning of the year if gasoline is used, and 20 euros if diesel is chosen.

Despite the historically high values, the price of both fuels in Spain -once the discount has been applied- remains below the European averagewhich, according to EU statistics, stood this last week at 1,788 euros per liter for gasoline, and 1,894 euros for diesel.

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