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It has several configurations to improve the experience of the players. There are those who play with four and three fingers, but those who are just starting out should get used to doing everything with just two fingers. We tell you how to customize the HUD so that you always have everything at your fingertips and have more chances of getting the Booyah!

HUD is the acronym for Heads Up Display (presentation of information), and comes to be the set of icons, numbers, maps, etc. that during the game give us information about the state of the game and the character. In the case of you will have to choose the location of each action so as not to make mistakes when shooting, crouching, jumping and other key actions in the confrontations.

good thing about playing With just two fingers, you’ll perform better in close combat, do one-touch headshots, and move faster because your thumbs are more responsive than your index finger. Without further ado, let’s see what is the best configuration to play with two fingers.

HUD to play with two fingers
HUD to play with two fingers

We recommend you put the HUD into practice in your games of . It will take between 10 and 30 days to fully get used to the HUD in your future encounters. We also advise you to make small changes to the HUD based on your combat style.

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