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It has a wide collection of skins that improve the performance of the arsenal. Some are more useful than others depending on your combat style. Some people prefer more accuracy over damage or ammo available in the magazine. If you are one of those who enjoy attacking with everything to make kills almost immediately, you better review this brief ranking of skins for your weapons for September 2022.

The M1014 it is one of the best shotguns available in so that The Underground Howl it’s an awesome skin to power up the weapon. The best thing is that it comes with a burning flame animation for further customization. The skin has improved damage and brings a higher magazine capacity. It is a “must” for 1vs1 battles.

the skin demon grin is one of the most attractive FAME. By equipping it, the weapon’s damage per hit and rate of fire can be improved. Help players defeat more opponents in melee battles.

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If you are one of those who prefer the SCARE in your games, the best skin becomes the Megalodon Alpha. With this skin, players can make the weapon even more powerful with an additional buff to its base damage and rate of fire. Its only flaw is a slower reload speed.

The Blue Flame Draco Improves weapon damage and rate of fire. This helps take out more enemies in close and medium range firefights. However, so many buffs degrade reload speed.

Lastly, the MP40 Predator It is the most attractive skin both for its design and attributes to statistics. The weapon improves in its average hit damage and rate of fire. All of these upgrades make the weapon even more deadly in close combat. However, players will have to make do with a slower reload speed.

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