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Nothing like being a lethal team with your friends in . Not everything is about Battle Royale, because there are game modes where you will have to collaborate so that the skills are effective and work in combo. Let’s take a look at which characters are currently a threat in your September 2022 games for a quick game with the most kills.

Since quick play has become quite popular recently in the community must take into account what are the best abilities to make the attack forceful without neglecting the recovery of HP.

FREE FIRE | The best combos for quick games

Skyler + Moco + D-Bee + Alvaro

Skyler’s ability is called Riptide Rhythm and it releases a sonic wave forward, damaging a total of five Gloo Walls within a range of 5 meters. There is an 85 second cooldown after each use. Another aspect of the ability is that each Gloo Wall deployed by the user will increase HP recovery starting at 4 points.

Mucus ends up tagging enemies that players hit for two seconds. Information is also shared with teammates. This is key to counterattack almost immediately.

Within the capacity of D-Bee in , movement speed and accuracy are increased by 10% and 20% if users shoot while moving. Meanwhile, Alvaro’s Demolition Art increases the damage and damage range of explosive weapons by 10% and 7%.

Alok + Kapella + Leon + Shirou

Alok’s Drop the Beat results in the creation of a 5m aura. The aura increases movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP per second for 5 seconds. The effects do not stack and the ability is followed by a 70 second cooldown.

Kapella’s special makes the effects of healing items and healing abilities increased by 10%. Additionally, the ally’s life loss when knocked down is reduced by 20%. Leon’s Buzzer Beater ability recovers 5 HP after users survive combat. The amount gradually increases with level increase and becomes 30 at max level.

Shirou boasts the ‘Damage Delivered’ skill in Free Fire, which tags enemies within 80m of hitting the user. Particular enemies are tagged, and the first shot on them has 50% increased armor penetration. Later, he applies a 25-second cooldown.

Wukong + Hayato + Kelly + Jota

Wukong’s camo in Free Fire transforms players into a bush with a 10% reduction in movement speed. The ability lasts 10 seconds and ends when individuals attack an enemy. Has a 30 second cooldown.

Hayato’s Bushido increases the users armor penetration by 4.5% with every 10% reduction in their maximum health. Meanwhile, Kelly’s Dash ability increases sprint speed by 1%, which eventually becomes 6% at max level.

Jota’s Sustained Raids, meanwhile, restore health when players hit an enemy. Taking them down means 10% HP recovery.

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