Free Fire: how to stay alive until the last phases of the Battle Royale in September 2022 | Garena | Hack | trick | Mexico | Spain | SPORT-PLAY

It is not necessary to be the player with the most kills in the games of . An experienced player knows when to attack depending on the circumstances. is designed for the community to survive until the end of each game, a challenge when the safe zone is getting smaller. If you want to improve your statistics in September 2022, we share several tips to survive longer.

As we pointed out at the beginning, an experienced player knows how to choose his battles in . Adopt a passive style of play, dedicate yourself to gathering good loot before starting the firefights. You won’t be able to avoid every fight, but the idea is to fight with the best resources available.

Another good tip is to stay on high ground. the maps of they usually have mountains, mounds and others, so always try to locate yourself in an elevated area so that the shots are more effective. The angle of fire is easier and the enemy, who is on the rise, will be immobilized almost instantly.

As soon as you land, the best recommendation is to look for supplies, from ammunition, medkits and armor. Remember that you will need a good team to survive the attacks while running away or running into other rivals. It is not necessary to have the best weapon from the beginning, but to stay alive with all the supplies of the first five minutes.

In addition to armor, the EP bar is another layer of security for players. Eat as many mushrooms as you can while exploring the map so your EP bar is always full. This helps players passively recover HP and avoids the hassle of using medkits.

FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda from September 14 to 19

  • Wednesday September 14, 2022: Super Wonder Roulette
  • Thursday, September 15, 2022: UMP evolution, UMP Evo recharge and 50% discount
  • Friday September 16, 2022: magic roulette and 100% bonus
  • Saturday September 17, 2022: level stores and special royale gold
  • Monday September 19, 2022: hour of fire and nightly recharge

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