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The most experienced players They know that zone rotation is essential for survival in Battle Royale. Standing still is the formula for failure in a video game designed so that danger is just around the corner. Players must learn to seek out more and better resources without exposing themselves to combat.

The factor that distinguishes professionals from amateurs is that they successfully create useful strategies to maneuver in the area with ease. If you want to improve your stats in we tell you what is the best strategy to rotate on the island like a veteran.

FREE FIRE | How to rotate on the map like a pro

Zones are mainly problematic in Battle Royale (BR) modes. The characters of they can play a vital role in managing the zones, and K is arguably the most suitable character for this.

K is an active character that provides constant healing aid to the user. It will help users escape from damaged areas without fear of losing too much HP. In addition to K, users can choose passive characters like Leon, Kelly/Joseph, and Moco.

Another detail is land around the central region of the map to easily cover the distance to the first safe circle, as it is the largest and will likely include the center of the map. The players of they can also follow the same strategy to predict the next safe areas. The key is to try to play around the center of a safe zone to increase your chances of being in or near the next safe zone.

Don’t forget to look for the information tools on the battlefield, which allow reveal the exact location of the next safe zone. These can be easily spotted within a few seconds or minutes of walking. Once used, a green circle will appear indicating the next safe circle. Players can now advance armed with the knowledge of where the next zone will be.

Lastly, players should keep an eye out for timers for zone shrinks and warnings before heading to the safe zone. This will help them take calculated steps to cover the distance to the safe zone.

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