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Do you want to give your character a more aggressive look with the Wild Huntress outfit in ? We tell you that the Battle Royale created by Garena is on sale with a new event in which you can spin a wheel to take materials with up to 90% discount. So you don’t waste your money, we tell you the direct route to the coveted outfit through the “Tier Stores” event.

The first thing you need to do is spin a discount wheel the first time you access the discount event. . You have until September 21 to try your luck. In the best case, you can access up to 90% discount.

Now it is time for you to have a reasonable amount of diamonds to advance through the levels of the store until you reach the package Wild Huntress. To level up, you will need to accumulate diamonds by spending or buying the Tier 1 store jackpot to unlock Tier 2 and Tier 3 store.

You can spin for an additional discount after you unlock the other stores. The new discount will be added on top of the old one. The last discount can be used to buy items in all stores.

So, if you want to access Level 3 at once to get the outfit Wild Huntress, you will have to spend more than 200 diamonds on other items in the store or buying the jackpot. In the case of Level 1, the jackpot (Rhythm of Light Backpack) has an original value of 500 diamonds and you would only pay the remaining percentage of what comes out of the wheel.

It should be noted that all cosmetic items do not give you advantages in Free Fire games; however, some outfits are less conspicuous than others and even serve as camouflage depending on the battlefield. Every little help serves to continue advancing in the battle.

Event where you will find the Wild Huntress outfit
Event where you will find the Wild Huntress outfit

You can access the event through the calendar tab on the main screen of .

is a free Battle Royale for Android and iOS operating systems. The game has a micropayment system in the form of diamonds.

FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda from September 14 to 19

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  • Monday September 19, 2022: hour of fire and nightly recharge

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