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At this time, many video games have already made the leap to ‘games as services’, where gamers do not have the title downloaded and can play whenever they want, but instead connect to the company’s servers to enjoy the games. is one of the most popular.

As it is a free application on all platforms, including Android and iOS mobiles, it supports your business with online micropayments. Players buy skins for characters, weapons, vehicles, and other items.

The big difference between this Battle Royale and others like PUBG or Free Fire is that it collaborates with big brands and production companies to promote different movies, services, or products. Right now, you can purchase different skins of Marvel, Star Wars, and Dragon Ball characters.

New button to cancel a purchase in Fortnite

Recently, Epic Games has modified the skin purchase system. To carry out the transaction it is necessary to keep the button pressed for a while, in this way, it is sought to avoid accidental purchases.

As if this were not enough, in the next update the appearances can be returned, as long as they have not been equipped and no more than one day has passed since the purchase.

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