Forensic teams exhume bodies from Izium mass burial and investigate possible war crimes

Ukraine begins to identify the bodies of Iziumlocated behind the russian withdrawal from the east of the country. Work begins early in the morning for this battalion of workers, prosecutors, rescuers, experts, coroners and doctors arrive at the Pine Forestnear Izium, a strategic city recently liberated by the kyiv army.

There are still dozens of bodies to be identified. The teams have taken DNA samples of neighbors who have missing relatives. According to the country’s authorities, there are more than 450 bodies in mass burials.

Exhumation of the mass burials at Izium IGNACIO VILLANUEVA BELLIDO

Izium was occupied for six months by the troops Russian. A few days after she was released, a giant burial site was discovered next to the local cemetery. The bodies are exhumed to investigate whether they are war crimes. “My son has been missing for a month”Vera tells RTVE.

He claims he was arrested because he was wearing a ukrainian military jacket And they don’t know anything about him. He has come here to see if they find the body, they could have killed him. If my hope is that they have taken him to Russia, the father tells us, there are dozens of people who are participating in the body exhumation process.

Ukraine begins to identify the bodies of Izium IGNACIO VILLANUEVA BELLIDO

The work of technicians, prosecutors or forensic experts is appreciated. Around more than a hundred corpses have already been exhumed, they take them out of the burials for later analysis and identification. According to the researchers, some of the bodies have been victims of the bombings, but there are also others who have died a natural death. Some have been found with signs of violence, handcuffed and with signs of gunshots.

Research teams exhumes graves found in Izium after the withdrawal of the Russian army IGNACIO VILLANUEVA BELLIDO

They denounce that some bodies present evidence of torture. “They have appeared handcuffed, with knife wounds and with shots “, says the spokesman for the research team. while we attend several bodies are extracted from the process, you see that of a man who has bound ropes on his feet. Now, this and other bodies are sent for a forensic medical examination that will determine the cause of death. It is an arduous task. The bodies are in very poor condition and what remains of their clothing are, in many cases, remnants of bloody tissue. So far they have been exhumed 146 bodies, most of them civilians and there are entire families buried, including several children. The youngest of them is one year old.


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