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is in the eye of the storm after massive leaks that showed 90 videos of his next video game . Thus, on Sunday a large number of images, screenshots and videos of an alpha version of the game flooded the network, which caused the rejection of other figures in the sector and the community in general.

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This weekend the content was published on the GTAForums forum, in a publication shared by the alleged hacker who would have obtained them from the rock staras picked up on TechCrunch.

After confirmation by rock star of the filtration, The company has not made a specific statement about those responsible. However, Uber, which also recently suffered a cyberattack, revealed on its website that the perpetrator of the attacks would be a group called Lapsus$, which would also be behind the leak of GTA VI in Rockstar.

GTA V is the latest installment in the popular franchise.
GTA V is the latest installment in the popular franchise. / ROCKSTAR GAMES

We believe this attacker(s) is affiliated with a hacker group called slip$. This group often uses similar techniques to attack technology companies, and in 2022 alone it has breached Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia and Okta, among other. This weekend it has also been reported that this same actor has attacked the video game manufacturer RockstarGames”, says Uber in a statement.

Likewise, the mobility provider company added that it is “in close coordination with the FBI and the United States Department of Justice on this matter [ciberataque] and we will continue to support their efforts.”

In other words, Uber, and possibly Rockstar, would be collaborating with the FBI in an investigation against Lapsus$.

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Other Lapsus$ cyberattacks

As already mentioned in the press release Uber, slip$ has carried out other cyberattacks in its history (microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia and Okta, being some of the victims). Another of the most serious was the one carried out last March, when stole more than 1TB of data from Nvidia.

Although it is true that Bloomberg pointed out that the author of this cyberattack was a teenager, the official investigation suggests that Lapsus$ could be made up of up to seven people.


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